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February 23 2018


Features To Look For In A Luxury Home

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A lot of homes are advertised as luxury residences; however, sometimes that word is used only to justify an exorbitant price. Home buyers who want to make sure they get real quality for their money should look for homes that truly embody their own concept of luxury living. The following are some of the hallmarks of a well-designed, comfortable, and elegant home.

Location, Location, Location

The mantra of real estate agents everywhere, these three words are a big component of the definition of luxury. The perfect location of a luxury home should be within a safe and secure community, with nearby high-quality shopping and entertainment options, and excellent views. For example, many Lake Minnetonka homes for sale are located on or in view of the lake's 14,000-acre shoreline, providing beautiful year-round scenery and a peaceful natural setting.

Quality Materials

Another important thing to look for in a luxury home is high-quality building materials. Polished marble floors or counter tops, Venetian plaster, hard wood, built-in cabinetry and paneling, and textured finishes all contribute a touch of elegance. Appliances, also, are likely to be top-of-the-line brands like Miele, Viking, and Thermidor. With luxury appliances, homeowners get a higher quality of style and functionality compared with average brands.


It's often the amenities that make one luxury property stand out over another. One of the top-requested amenities these days is smart appliances that can be controlled with an app. Smart climate control, lighting, and home security are all features that modern home buyers are looking for. Extra space in kitchens and closets is another desirable feature that can set a home apart. In addition, luxury home buyers want as much space for recreation as possible and prefer homes with features like a home gym or an indoor pool.


Finally, privacy is often a highly sought-after feature of a luxury home. Celebrities, in particular, need to protect themselves from the public eye, but less public figures also enjoy a sense of privacy and security and consider their home a retreat from the demands of the outside world. Thus, privacy-oriented features like spacious yards, gated entries, tall trees, and even high perimeter walls can all contribute to a home's value.

Luxury is truly in the eye of the beholder, and every home buyer who is seeking a luxury residence needs to match their own criteria for comfort, quality, and ease of living. To learn more about high-end properties in the beautiful Lake Minnetonka area, contact The Bartikoski Group or visit LakeMinnetonkaRealEstateAndHomes.com.

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